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CORIMA S+ 47mm clincher


Clinchers without compromise. The CORIMA S+ 47mm clinchers combine the convenience of clincher tires with the aerodynamics, lightness and stiffness of carbon fiber rims. Paired with light carbon hubs, black Inox spokes these wheels roll with unexpected ease in any condition. And with the included CORIMA brake pads they'll all stop well even if the roads get a little wet.

Wheelset Weight: 1470 grams


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Included Accessories

CORIMA wheelbags
CORIMA brake pads
Titanium/Carbon skewers
11 Corima 47 Mm S  Clincher Fr 18 R 12 K CORIMA 47mm S+ front clincher | 640 grams
12 Corima 47 Mm S  Clincher Rr 20 R 12 K CORIMA 47mm S+ rear clincher | 830 grams